A downloadable interactive novel

An interactive novel that questions what it means to trust. The player acts as the fairy Faye as they embark on a mini fantasy adventure with their friends Dave and Entity. None of the characters are meant to be human as the other two are based on the villains of fairy tales- Dave as the (were)wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and Entity as the witch from Beauty and the Beast (despite her being an absent character in every telling). The humans have done treacherous things before, but do you trust them? Do you feel empathy? And can these values even save you and your friends?

Install instructions

The game will be downloaded as a .zip file. Once you readily have it on your computer, extract everything. Enter the FakeDeep-1.5-all folder and click on the icon of the girl with a snake (icon is the default ren'py icon as none has been made for the game yet). The icon should run FakeDeep.exe, no matter the os you are playing on.


FakeDeep-1.5-all.zip 82 MB

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